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Cloud Services Advisory and Management

Velocigo’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnership enables us to seamlessly deploy comprehensive security architectures and transform your company’s IT infrastructure with superior backend cloud based solutions. The AWS infrastructure is simply more resilient than any colocator or hosted server environment. No matter the size of your company, Velocigo can assist you with your transition to Amazon Web Services, where you only pay for the servers you need. Count on Velocigo to migrate your data and information directly from your own on-premise servers over to a highly optimized, secure, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective cloud solution with AWS.

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Fewer headaches and increased uptime — cloud services are “always-on”, which makes them scalable and cost-effective.

AWS Certified

In-house, AWS skilled, trained, and certified Velocigo technicians.

Lower Cost

Increased efficiency and reduced costs — avoid obsolescence, depreciation, and the need to buy new servers.

Amazon Web Services

When it comes to managing your servers and current technology, Cloud is the way to go. Why? Because Cloud services are significantly cheaper, more efficient, and more reliable than your own in-house servers. Capital Expenditures and continuous operating cost of maintaining your own private servers disappear with cloud infrastructure. All but the very largest businesses experience a higher level of service and up time by placing their compute and storage requirements ‘in the cloud’.

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, offers exceptional Cloud plans and packages that are affordable, efficient, safe, and secure. Velocigo can help you migrate your data and information directly from your own in-house servers over to a highly optimized and cost effective cloud solution with AWS.

Here at Velocigo, we tell our clients each and every time the issue arises, that Cloud application deployment is the way to go. Cloud application deployment is more affordable, more efficient, and can open your application up to a whole new world of possibilities.

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